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Professional Provider Network Services

Partnership Healthcare was formed as a product of creative positive collaboration between practicing physicians and practice / hospital administrators to adapt to rapidly changing healthcare climate in New Jersey. Our team includes actively practicing physicians, healthcare administrators, health insurance provider relations and contracting specialists, TPA specialists and professional PPO network administrators.

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Partnership Healthcare

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Specialty Provider Network 

In partnership with healthcare systems PHC is committed to helping medical specialists and surgeons to obtain fair compensation and to expand in-network emergency and in-hospital care for patients.

Strategic Healthcare Partnerships

PHC was founded by a group of Specialty Surgeons who were concerned about inadequate access to in-network specialty care at New Jersey Hospitals. Through strategic partnerships with hospitals and Health Systems PHC is committed to expanding in-network  healthcare access in New Jersey. 

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West Long Branch, Monmouth County 07764


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