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PHC is a surgeon-lead provider network. As such, we understand that most out-of-network physicians are in solo or small practices and have no leverage to negotiate with insurance companies in-network contracts with favorable rates. 


In addition, we know that specialists who have expertise in time-intensive, complicated   emergency treatments cannot afford to provide that treatment at the in-network allowable rates suggested by Payors.  PHC is uniquely designed to help out-of-network providers address the new challenges they face when providing emergency care and acute in-patient care.

Unlike individual practices, PHC can bring to bear its large number of providers when negotiating reimbursements with Payors.


PHC ANNOUNCED open enrollment into PPO network for subspecialty surgical providers interested in improving their reimbursement and being in-network with insurance carriers.  There is a limited number of spots available based on individual specialty and geographic ZIP location. 


If you are interested in getting better rates for your work and to receive in-network referrals from participating providers and clinically integrated networks, than PHC is for you. There is no obligation to join. Formal proposals from carriers will be presented to participating physicians ONLY.  You will be able to either accept it or decline it. 


Once PHC network reaches critical mass, the enrollment period will be closed. Do not miss this opportunity. Click the button bellow to register with PHC and to improve your proffessional future. There are absolutely no obligations to accept anything now or fees of any kind at this time.


If you are one of the OON or partially OON surgical subspecialty providers, anesthesiologists, pathologists, or other  emergency OON provider, we encourage you to submit your practice information right away to become a part of the new Independent subspecialty ODS network in New Jersey.

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